Develop- Punching - Bending - Austempering - Control



Even at the beginning of development, we attach great importance to a high quality product and series. In coordination with our customers, we define the critical characteristics of each component as well as its testing and inspection frequency during series production.

We conduct samplings in house according to the latest VDA 6.1. Also here, we gladly meet specific customer needs and requirements.

To measure the components we have a well-equipped measuring room with 3D measuring machine, automatic and manual strength testing equipment, small load testing instrument, profile projector and various small measuring equipment as well as a SPC software; in order to be able to meet all customer requirements and special needs.

Once the products have passed all of the customer-defined production steps and further processing, if requested, we will also carry out routine tests. Here, we are flexible in terms of scope and testing criteria in order to offer the customer the best possible assistance.


Our prototyping allows us to manufacture even short runs efficiently and inexpensively. Thus the parts can be installed and tested for function. Sources of error are therefore largely excluded before mass production..

Even small, recurring production contracts, in which a tooling would not be economically sound, can be manufactured inexpensively.